Why do we need a Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry?

The information on the Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry provides clinicians and researchers with an important resource for investigating the causes and treatments for myeloma and MGUS. Different centres currently manage patients with myeloma and MGUS in slightly different ways, and more information is needed about which treatments work best and how useful they are. Although we know roughly how many new cases of myeloma are diagnosed in Australia and New Zealand each year, we don’t know how severely patients are affected, precisely how they are treated or how their health changes over time.

The registry will tell us all of these things. It will also:

  • Provide guidance and a framework for design of future research and health care services.
  • Form a network of clinical experts from Australia and New Zealand with a special interest in myeloma and related diseases to regularly discuss findings from the registry.

The Registry is an important first step to ensure that all patients with myeloma or MGUS will receive the best possible care.