Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry (MRDR) attends HAA Conference

The MRDR team recently attended the combined Scientific Meeting of the National Societies for Haematology, Blood Transfusion and Thrombosis (HAA). Research Fellow Dr Elizabeth Moore presented a poster detailing initial results from the MRDR and along with Chief Investigator of the MRDR, Professor Andrew Spencer, and Head of the Transfusion Research Unit at Monash University, A/Prof Erica Wood, hosted an interest group meeting during the conference. The meeting was well attended, with over fifty people joining the breakfast to hear about the MRDR.


MRDR attends the 15th International Myeloma Workshop in Rome

The MRDR forged valuable links with sister registries at the International Myeloma Workshop in Rome in September 2015.

At this biannual Workshop attended by over 1500 delegates, members of the MRDR Steering Committee and Research Fellow Dr Elizabeth Moore met with representatives of the Austrian Myeloma Registry, Dr Wolfgang Willenbacher and data manager Roman Weger. They also met with delegates of the newly established Canadian Registry, A/Prof Christopher Venner and Project manager, Esther Masih Khan; as well as representatives from the well-established Korean Multiple Myeloma Working Group, Doctors Kihyun Kim, Sung Soo Yoon, Jejung Lee, and Jae Hoon Lee.


All registry teams expressed interest in a proposed international research collaboration.

Initial results from the MRDR were presented in a poster, and the registry was invited to attend the Asia Myeloma Network meeting, convened by the International Myeloma Foundation.

In addition, Chief investigator of the Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry, Professor Andrew Spencer, delivered 3 invited presentations.

Myeloma 1000 project - more sites recruiting!

The Alfred Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne are recruiting steadily to the Myeloma 1000 Project (M1000), which is a biobank sub-project of the MRDR. Congratulations to Box Hill hospital which has just commenced recruitment to the substudy and Frankston is soon to start. The Myeloma 1000 project has initially rolled out to Victorian sites to test systems for specimen delivery and receipt, and will soon commence interstate. The M1000 biobank will support research to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of people with myeloma and related diseases. It is supported by Amgen Australia, Bristol Myers-Squibb & Janssen-Cilag.

For more details about the M1000 project, please see the MRDR Substudies section of this website. 

MRDR gains a PhD student!

 We now have a PhD student working with the registry. Krystal Bergin is a Haematology registrar at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne who specialises in Myeloma. Her doctoral thesis will be partly based on information from the MRDR. Krystal has recently worked as a haematology registrar at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and prior to that as Bone Marrow Transplant Fellow in Vancouver in 2012. She has presented her previous research at National and International Haematology meetings and is keen to work with us. In her spare time Krystal enjoys reading and travel.