Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry (MRDR)

The Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry (MRDR) was established in 2012 at Monash University, Australia. It is a register of patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), plasma cell leukaemia or plasmacytoma. It began as a a bi-national (Australia and New Zealand) register but is now set to expand into the Asia-Pacific region starting with Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

The MRDR collects data on patterns of treatment and variation in patient outcomes (both survival and quality of life). Ultimately, it will help clinicians and hospitals to provide the best possible care to people with these conditions and allow evaluation of the translation of advances in therapy (such as the introduction of new targeted therapies) into long-term outcomes, outside the setting of clinical trials.